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Default Re: If you were gonna make up a gang of ATG's to get into a gang war, who would u pic

A P4P list (not just including heavyweights) would include for me

Iran Barkley
Diego Corrales
Johnny Tapia
Bernard Hopkins
Roberto Duran
Hector Camacho

The first 4 were known to roll with a gang in their younger years (I think Hopkins did), they would surely know some boys. Duran has a reputation as a youngster for being in numerous streetfights and being undefeated, anbd Camacho also has a reputation as a good street fighter.

If I had to include heavyweights, fighters like George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Jack Dempsey, Lennox Lewis etc etc Would make the list.
Anyone else heard about the altercation between Lewis and that sprinter at the olympics, I think it was Johnson? Johnson wouldn't have done ****
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