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Default Re: Gene Tunney v Joe Louis

Originally Posted by McGrain
Lot of people picking Tunney here. I understand why.

Let's say that Tunney was in or near peak when he did Dempsey in. Those fights were over ten rounds. I would argue that Louis is a better body puncher than Dempsey. He would also have longer to get the job done - let's say 15 - and he would also be at peak, unlike Dempsey.

Let's also say that Dempsey was a good bit quicker than Louis in terms of foot-speed. So can Louis catch Tunney enough to get him?

I think he could. I'm going to suggest that Tunney was harder to catch than Conn, but i'm also going to suggest that Conn was a little bit more elusive inside, a little trickier, made nicer angles.

I actually think this one may turn out to be easier for Joe than the Conn fight - Conn outsmarted Joe at closer range than Tunney would be looking to do - and that's what would be his downfall. Louis WOULD get caught up to Tunney late on as Tunney ran out of steam and Joe's body work took it toll, and hurt him badly enough to stop him.

Louis KO somewhere around 12, trailing by a couple of rounds on the scorecards.
It's a well-considered position, but Dempsey kayoed Brennan late with bodyshots, and also dropped Carpentier by going downstairs. Louis's right hand to Schmeling's side was devastating, but Dempsey inflicted greated damage downstairs with more frequent regularity, so to argue that Joe is a superior body puncher seems a little presumptive to me. (I will concede that Louis was probably better at it than Dempsey was by the time Jack lost to Tunney.)

Dempsey's diminished foot-speed against Tunney was likely comparable to Louis's against Conn. The question is, could Louis have inflicted as much damage with a single shot as Dempsey could? (The punch usually being the last thing to go.) I don't believe that Louis could set up Gene with a such single stunning blow. Tunney took out Carpentier in 15 rounds, and Georges was saved by the bell with the count at six when the 14th stanza ended. Louis didn't score any stoppages beyond round 13, so to assume Gene would be worn down late so that Louis could stop him does defy the championship round history of both.
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