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Default Re: Fedor--Overrated?

Well i partially agree with cross. First, he beat THE best at the time. Barnett always lost the deciding fight that would give him shot at fedor. Hance they never fought. He is the most dominant because he has beaten the best and every style out there. Which is very hard to accomplish, as we all know. "The greatest ever" is a bit overrated but counting from 1990's(MMA slowly rising) it is arguable.
The greatness should count considering the time. Pele is considered greatest because he was so ahead of his time. If Pele would play today's soccer he would not do nearly as well. Sports evolve. Especially MMA right now. Fedor is greatest ever is because he is the most well rounded in unevolved sport. He is far ahead of this time.
IE, how much you wanna bet im smarter than Pythagor ever was?

*EDIT* If he legitemely loses the unification(not by lucky Fujita swing, or a cut), than he is just a dominant HW, _one_ of the best.

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