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Default I was Forced to Take someone out in a STREET FIGHT !

Ok here's the full story

Went out this past weekend with two mates. It's the end of Uni (College) examinations so is a good time to go out, lots of people out. We went to this pretty trendy area where there are heaps of hot babes. The down side is there are also heaps of spoilt rich kids there. Anyway we had a great time at the first place we went to, having heaps of fun, chatting to lots of babes. Then we left at 11pm to goto the second Club (first place closed at midnight, it's really more of a pub). There was already a big queue outside, everyone was lining up. Anyway these two guys starting having a go at one of my mates . One of these two guys was pretty big, the other was a fair bit smaller but as is always the case the smaller guy had the bigger mouth but they were both being very aggressive. This mate of mine is a skinny guy, doesn't train or anything (he's a pool player lol), he wouldn't hurt a fly. At first it was just the verbals. I was trying to calm things down "calm down fellas, no one wants any trouble" etc etc. Then the verbals turned to pushing, two of them pushing my mate, then the big guy hit my mate hard on the jaw,as soon as that happened i stepped in and hit the big guy with a beautiful full power right hook right in the middle of his face, he stumbled back totally out of it. By now my blood was boiling, it takes a lot to set me off, i have a high tolerance but once i've off, it's go time. I was just about to get stuck into the smaller guy, you should have seen his face, he was totally ****ting himself ! he had just seen his bigger mate taken out with one punch! Now at this point a Cop pulled me off him before i could get any techniques off.

Now to be fair, the Cop was very cool, he didn't manhandle me, He just pulled me far enough away then told me firmly to calm down. Once he saw i was in control, he let me go. He interviewed me and my mates, his colleague interviewed the other lot. The Cop took out details but he knew we didn't start the trouble so he was cool. He told my mate he could press charges if he wanted by going to his local cop shop the next day. By the end of things, we were laughing and joking with the cop.

anyway i was mad that these idiots couldn't be reasoned with and it had to come to blows. I'm also a big scared of what i would have done to them if the Cops weren't around. My adrenaline was so high at that point, i don't think i would have stopped in a hurry ! I could see myself doing something really stupid (think mouth on a pavement/brick scene from American History X copied in the last series of the Sopranos).

I haven't been in a street altercation for a number of years, i'm usually very good at avoiding trouble, this time i had no choice, none at all. it is the first time i have hit someone hard since i've been doing boxing, when my fist hit his face, it felt like a piece of fruit getting squished.

Overall, i think myself and my mates came out as well as we could have, my mate has a sore jaw but that's it and i didn't get arrested !

Still why are there so many morons in this world ?
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