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Default Re: PAC: I think Marquez is the better boxer(than Mayweather)

Originally Posted by Danny_Rand View Post
Corley was a junior welterweight who was famed for wobbling Cotto. And Floyd won every round. Marquez was losing the fight to Diaz.

If Floyd didnt KO Diaz, he would have beaten him so bad that the fight would have been stopped. Floyd wouldnt have lost a round.

Diaz is a feather fisted brawler with a low KO percentage. Yet he was able to catch Marquez and rock him multiple times?

Have you ever seen Floyds fights at the lower weight classes. Stop being an idiot.

This is why you joy boys are a joke, anything less than PBF is God and you all get upset like someone insulted your mom, so guess what.

**** yo ***** ass Mom.

PBF was still young and learning a lot about the game when he was at 135, JMM has become complete at 135. Mayweather didnt become completely defensive until he moved to welters.
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