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Default Re: PAC: I think Marquez is the better boxer(than Mayweather)

Originally Posted by Boom_Boom View Post
This is why you joy boys are a joke, anything less than PBF is God and you all get upset like someone insulted your mom, so guess what.
Because I say that Floyd was a better fighter at 135 then Marquez, I think of him as a god?

Boy you're pathetic.

Lets review. Marquez got rocked by a feather fisted brawler and was losing to a guy who dropped a decision to a 40 year old Nate Campbell. What is your rebuttal? Try to make it semi coherent this time.

PBF was still young and learning a lot about the game when he was at 135, JMM has become complete at 135. Mayweather didnt become completely defensive until he moved to welters.
Floyd did become a smarter fighter at 147. However at 140 and below he was still better defensively then Marquez has ever been. He made a fantastic fighter like Corrales look like a novice.

Lets review again. Floyd was stronger, faster and better defensively, and also beat better fighters. What makes you think Marquez is better then Floyd at this weight?
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