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Default Re: PAC: I think Marquez is the better boxer(than Mayweather)

Originally Posted by eliqueiros View Post
Not to hate on Floyd but I just watched that fight last night. There was something wrong with Corrales. I think Marquez would have made minced meat out of him too. The guy was a zombie in there, just followed Floyd without throwing any punches. He landed two jabs which took effect and just gave his jabs up for no reason. The man's mind was mush. This is not to take away from Floyd but I think Corrales has been blown up a bit.
Corrales couldnt handle Floyds lateral movement. Everytime Chico had him cornered, he'd either get caught with a 3 punch combination, or Floyd would jump into nuetralizing his body attack. Chico had steamrolled all his opposition at 130. His only loss in that weight class was to Casa because Casa opened a gash in his mouth, Chico was taking over that fight aswell. He would go on to beat Casa in a rematch. A primer Casa then the one Marquez had trouble with. Chico was no joke. He just met a peak of his skills Floyd who presented far more movement and speed then Marquez did. Marquez was never a guy who used alot of lateral and horizontal movement.

I have no problem with Pac saying Quez is faster then Floyd. A 135lb Quez probably is faster then a 147lb Mayweather. However weight class for weight class its Floyd all the way and Floyd is a superior boxer.
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