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Default Re: PAC: I think Marquez is the better boxer(than Mayweather)

Originally Posted by Boom_Boom View Post
You never really understood the concept that styles makes fights do you?

JMM gets rocked by J,Diaz so that means he gets rocked by Floyd huh
but Corley rocks Floyd and that dont mean **** does it
Floyd KO's Marquez at 135, its not a question of rocked.

Diaz is a feather fisted puncher who was able to visibly hurt Marquez on numerous occasions most of the time when Marquez was backing up. Not only that he was winning the fight. Corley caught Floyd once coming in, but Floyd still won basically all of the rounds. Corley evn had Cotto doing the shuffle. This was at 140 btw. Not 135.

Ill let you joy boys believe what you want to believe, im sure if JMM gives Floyd a close competitive fight in July you will still argue that Floyd beats JMM at any weight and any version.
Floyd would KO Marquez at 135, and he will KO Marquez at 144.
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