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Default Re: UFC Considers Fedor Emelianenko Signing “Inevitable”

Originally Posted by ufoalf
Seriously, its gettin on my nerves that people speak before taking a good look at the replays... He grabbed ONCE, after that you could see his hand dangling and was just RESTING on top of the ropes. It also happens to be usually not intentional(the first time). After ref told him not to do that he was caunsious of it and didnt do it again.

"Insert what iron duke said here"
Bull****, dude. The ref told Fedor to "let go of the ropes" no less than eight, count 'em, eight times. And if you can't see Fedor grabbing the ropes at the critical point of the takedown, thus causing a reversal, you are either blind or Fedor himself. Lindland was prepared to do Fedor in and he's not even a real heavyweight. Try watching the bout with a non-biased eye next time.
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