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Default Re: PAC: I think Marquez is the better boxer(than Mayweather)

Originally Posted by Chert View Post
30-35% for floyd is not exactly that far-fetched. just compare their US PPV buys with hatton as their common opponent. in a good economy, floyd-hatton made 850K US PPV buys. all indications point to pac-hatton posting 1.6M+ US PPV buys despite a bad economy. that tells us that pac is now a bigger PPV draw in the US than floyd. so, 65-35 or 60-40 for pac is very feasible. there is certainly no way that floyd can ask for an equal, much less a bigger share of the pie in the event of a pac-floyd fight.

Why did you choose the FMJ-Hatton/Pac-Hatton numbers to make your comparison? Why didnt you use the FMJ-DLH/Pac-DLH numbers to make the ****ogy?

Using your proves the exact opposite. Pac can make more money fighting Floyd than anyone else. The fight is the fight more fans want to see and for that reason 35% is bull****. Maybe against Cotto or even Mosley but against Floyd its a bigger fight. It's P4P...there would be so much more hype surrounding the fight. If were Floyd I would go 50-50 or **** it. Arum can fight Cotto or Mosley and 70% and that still be less than 50% fighting Floyd...
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