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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Its is typical american arrogance they dont want to know what is outside the USA cause its the centre of the ****ing universe and they are always right.example I was sitting in a restaurant in florida the waitress hears my scottish voice."Oh my father loved scotland he still has a whisky every night before he goes to sleep he was based there just after ww2""OHH really where was he based?" "In Normandy?" "Ah sorry you must be mistaken Normandy is in FRANCE" "NO NO Normandy is in Scotland" "No i live in Scotland and honest Normandy is France" "Well your WRONG I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT NORMANDY IS SCOTLAND!" at this point she was getting rather ****ed off so I just left it.I just thought perfect example of USA narrow vision.

No, poor example. Im not American, but I know that American's aren't the only ones who react like this!

If you are American then obviously you are goig to root for your country man aren't you, Just like a Scot would root for his.
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