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Default Re: Gene Tunney v Joe Louis

I have to assume we are talking about both fighters at their best. Louis didn't look so good against Conn in his first outing. I did not see all of the rematch, which inexcusable if it's on youtube, but he stopped Conn a lot quicker the next time. I believe that Louis had trouble against Conn because he was bigger. Sometimes when larger fighters get into the ring with smaller fighters, they often look as if they are thrown off. It looks like they are thinking they should win because they are bigger, but they look a little confused about how to go about using size as an advantage. Look at Holmes first fight with Spinks. He kind of just smiles, and walks around, looking as if he is winning just because he is bigger. Holmes really wasn't behaving as usual.

I think that Louis learned how to defeat Conn better after the first fight.

I don't believe Dempsey was completely shot when he faced Tunney. Dempsey looks as if he was given a lot of natural tools as a fighter. Speed and power being really evident. He was also vicious. I think he was used to his talents being enough to win when he was trying hard, and did not think as much about strategy as he did trying to impose his attributes. I think that when Dempsey wanted to fight harder, that just meant give more effort for him. I don't think he tried to think more about his actions. Tunney was able to deal with Dempsey's physical advantages, and use his timimg to defeat him.

I think that Louis' attack may work a little better on Tunney, than Dempsey's. I believe Tunney would be outpointing Louis, but getting busted up in the process. I don't think the fight would look exactly like Chavez vs. Taylor, but I think there would be some similarities. Like Chavez was losing rounds, but busting Taylor up; I think Louis would be losing and winning at the same time.

I believe Louis would get him somewhere after the 11th round. Behind on the cards, but ahead in terms of damage.

This is a good match-up, by the way.
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