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Default Re: Lineage of the coloured heavyweight title

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
Thanks for that, but

Sam Langford may have "claimed" it, but you cannot "claim" a lineal title. This means that Johnson retained the lineal title (in the same way that George Foreman retained the lineal World title) when he refused to fight no1 contenders or when Spinks maintained the lineal title until he lost to Tyson, or Ali, until he lost to Frazier.

When Johnson lost to Willard, he did not lose a fight for 11 years. That is an amazing record, when you think about it. His next loss was to Fighting Bob Lawson. I guess the question here is does 'fighting' Bob Lawson qualify for the coloured heavyweight championship. And if he does, doe this mean that he holds the lineal title until he meets George Godfrey, or Is bob lawsons record different to what is on boxrec.
Answering my own question Fighting Bob Lawson became the lineal coloured champion he held on to the title until he lost his fight to George Godfrey. in September 1926. The lineal title will then be unified with the official title when Godfrey beat Gains in november. Godfrey would not lose another fight to an eligible contender, so i guess that he really does have the real lineal coloured title.
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