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Default Re: HBO disrespected Floyd...

Originally Posted by Speak.King
Did HBO disrespect Floyd? I think so. Hes gotta be the most hated boxer in the game especially on this forum. Did he get called out by Hatton and those ****ed up comments by Max Kellerman (way outta line). It just seems just like when they started to hate Bernard when Jermain started to rise. It just aint right for these gifted fighters that have done so much for the game. That was supposed to be Hattons night, Floyds says he's retired. What yall yelling his name for?

Why's Floyd call himself the best but doesnt fight the best comp or DEFEND like he is a true CHAMPION??? Floyd says a lot of **** and only some of it's true, Floyd LOVES MONEY and he's the "man"now So I guess no one KNOWS until its PROVEN but there's plenty of money to be had!! Kellerman sux Floyd's nuts, if anything his commentary was biased against Hatton.

Dont compare Hops to Floyd. Hops defended and fought the best and is a respected and UNIFIED CHAMP. One's got nothing to do with the other. HBO?? With so much $$$$$ around Floyd?? What do you expect??
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