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Default Re: HBO disrespected Floyd...

Originally Posted by chimba
I disagree, the most hated fighter in these boards is Pacquiao!!! The guy is a model fighter, a gentleman, humble, couragious, big heart, exciting. But withought the Filipinos in this board to show him love, he'll basically have 2 fans. You cannot compare PBF as a person to Pacquaio, this guys gives cash away to all the people back home, he is too nice, yet he gets bashed, all his deficiencies are discuss till everyones ***** are blue.

Oscar, Floyd, Jermain, Both Klitschkos, RJJ, Lennox, Calzaghe, Valuev...

What do they all have in common.

It's not skill levels or styles.

All of them have won titles and all of them have beaten somebody's favourite boy.

So the excuses and denials come racing out and you wind up with loads of nonsensical, idiotic posts.

( Some are humorous. One sore dude asked (without a trace of irony) re: SRL: Asides from Duran, Benitez, Hagler and Hearns, who has he beaten? )

There will always be 'haters' and detractors who object to certain styles (Floyd runs too much (Superior movement),

RJJ didn't have good opposition (he fought and beat everyone decisively at his prime),

Oscar always fails against elite opposition (He beat Hernando, Chavez, Whittaker, Vargas, Carr ... Tito and Mosley too, in most minds),

Calzaghe 'slaps' (this from posters who have seen maybe ONE Calzaghe fight.. He has ove 75 % KO ave)

etc. etc.

there will always be haters. It comes with the territory.

There's an old Roman saying: Oderint dum metuant (Let them hate us so long as they fear us.)

ps See next post. I rest my case.

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