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Default Re: The Classic forum crew's take on Hatton-Castillo

I was worried about Castillo's chances after his last fight. I picked him anyway.

I thought Castillo did look like he had dropped in his level of ability, but to be honest, I don't know that he would have won if he'd been better. The whole time I was watching the fight, I was telling a friend of mine that he needed to be more effective hitting Hatton's body. Hatton was doing good body work on Castillo, and I fealt that Castillo needed to match it. I don't think that his punches were low, they looked like they were on the belt to me. I just noticed that with Castillo's hook being so wide, he was having trouble getting it in. His hook has always been wide, and I think he would have had trouble landing it on Hatton at any time in his career.
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