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Default Re: This Video Is No Longer Available Due To A Copyright Claim By Sports Network

Originally Posted by fluxstuff
I think it's just the name of the game: protect your material from any potential loss of income. It might be in the contract with Joe Calzaghe that the footage is protected.

For the record, I think ****** should be pushing the free boxing videos as much as possible. Filling YouTube with the *******s then promoting them to get a bigger world-wide audience.

If he did a full-scale release of all of Joe's fights under Sports Network onto YouTube to promote the Kessler fight, and Palle did the same, it would be a brilliant goodwill gesture.

I really wish that I could download dvd-quality versions of the fights, from the source material, rather than converted video-tapes.

I don't agree with ******'s lawyers, but I do see their point.
Yep. He's legally entitled to do what he's doing,but it still comes across as mean spirited and very short sighted.
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