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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

This will be a lifelong program focusing on strength and explosivness. It's quite simple really. Obtaining and maintaining a very extraordinary weight to power ratio that can be put into affect not only in close quarters combat, but in everyday situaions as well. Functional strength in its purest form.

Pistols (one legged squats)

One armed pushups


Kettlebell Swings and presses.

Running and jumping rope (kept to a minimum but must be used as an effective means of maintaining desired weight)

Each excercise will be explained in detail, as well as thier brutal variations.

Additonal ways to add weight and diffuculty include, rubber workout bands,weighted vest, and holding a kettlebell.

Pistol Classic

To do the conventional one-legged squat pull yourself in the hole as you
have for the rocking squat but instead of sitting on the deck sit on your
haunches. Try to keep your back as straight as possible but do not expect to
get it truly straight. Unless you have medical restrictions, a slightly tucked in
tail on the bottom is acceptable.

Pause long enough to eliminate the bounce. This makes the drill both harder
and safer. Pressurize your abdomen and pop up. Stand up all the way, make
s u re to stretch your hip flexors by aggressively driving your hips forward.

As before, do not let your knee slip forw a rd or bow! An effective technique
for learning to keep your shin nearly vertical and to drive from your heel is
to do your one legged squats off a barbell plate or a similar elevation. NOT
by elevating the heel the way bodybuilders do it, but by placing the back half
of your foot on the plate and letting your toes hang in the air.

As soon as you cheat and shift your weight to the ***** of your feet your toes
will touch the ground and you will be punished! Do not let your knee bow
in, your ankle cave in, or your body rotate .

Dynamic Isometric Pistol

Go down rock bottom and pause there for a few seconds without relaxing

Slowly go up until your thigh is parallel to the ground and pause again.
Breathe shallow, stay tight, and enjoy the pain!
Go up another couple of inches and repeat the drill. Then finally stand up
all the way.

The essence of this powerful technique is interrupting a normal, dynamic lift
with stops at certain brutal positions.

The standard duration of this pause in
Russia is 1-5 sec but this is not writ in stone. There can be one or more stops;
always at the most difficult points of the exercise .

Weighted Pistol

heavy weighted pistols
are closer to powerlifting style squats:
t h e re is more forw a rd lean, sometimes
almost as much as in the good morning .
Accordingly, there is more hamstring and
even lower back involvement

WeightNote that weighted pistols allow you
to do forced reps by hooking your free
heel. It is not a good idea with
bodyweight only pistols as this
maneuver is likely to make your knee
slip forward .ed pistols allow you
to do forced re

Isometric Pistol

Just stay in the rock bottom pistol position for up to a couple of minutes.
Do not just sit there relaxing as you did when working on your flexibility.
P u s h — remember the “static stomp” —steady but not too hard. Make sure
to keep your hamstring tensed. Slowly build up the tension to half your max,
take two to three seconds. Once more: hold it steady! If tension wavers all
over the place you are wasting your time.
About half your max intensity is plenty. Be clear that 50% intensity does
not refer to trying half of your best throughout the set. It means you start out
with 50% of your max strength and hold it. As you get tired, you will be
working harder and harder to maintain that level of force. Just like lifting a
50% 1RM weight for reps .

Release the tension just as gradually. Quit before you fail; it is import a n t !
Do not sweat it if you can hold the contraction for just a few seconds in the
b e g i n n i n g .
Do not hold up your free leg; that would be just asking for worthless hip
flexor cramps. Just rest the heel of your unloaded leg on the deck in front of
Although the tension is submaximal you must make an eff o rt to use all the
high-tension techniques, just powered down. Use the exact technique you use
for the dynamic pistol.
Keep your abdomen compressed but do not hold your breath; breathe
Make sure to stretch the front top of your thigh afterwards; the hip flexors
are easy to overwork .y

hookinCossack Pistol
Another advanced pistol variation calls for sitting in the rock bottom
position with one leg straight in front then explosively switching legs.
Keep your weight on your heel!

Doing this off your toes is nothing but a balance stunt; off your heels it is a
power drill. Make sure to lean and reach forward for balance.

Explosively grunt as you switch feet; imagine placing a focused front heel
kick into a target. Naturally, this drill is only for healthy knees and powerful
legs .


Isometric One-Arm Pushup

Lie on your stomach, tense all over, and push. Even though your body will
not clear the deck make a point of keeping your legs and waist rigid. Your
body should feel lighter, like it is almost ready to take off .
You might prefer working these with your hand up on an elevation, even a
wall. In that case keep your chest airborne. Advanced Naked Warriors can
stay off the deck even in floor one-armers.

Breathe shallow, stay tight and work on your mind-to-muscle connection.
Look for “leakages” and weak spots and plug them up with tension; pick out
the slack. Your body should feel like one rigid block. This strength skill
enhancement is one of the many benefits of isometrics.
Employ a long, steady, submaximal tension; the same drill as with the iso
pistol. Take your time working up to a minute and more; it is okay to start
with seconds.

The One-Arm Dive Bomber Pushup

To do this evil variation of the Navy SEAL favorite you need to descend at
an angle rather than straight down, squeeze under an imaginary fence, and
end up in the one arm cobra.

Then reverse the movement. Do not push back with a straight arm as you
would in a Hindu pushup; go back under the fence! This exercise is easy to
cheat on by cutting depth and not moving in an arc — don’t !

The One-Arm/One-Leg Pushup
Unless you brace your whole body and form a tight “power line” from the
toes of your left foot through your rock hard stomach, through your flexed
right lat, and all the way into the fingertips of your right hand, you will topple.

Keep practicing the tension and you will get the hang of it.
Do not even think of resting your weight on the edge of your foot—that is
c h e a t i n g !

The following is a modfied training sechedule of Pavel Tsatsouline's SWAT strength training program blended with the GTG method.

If you are a guest or recipient of this program, please reference the guide to High Tension Techniques and Greasing The Groove in the Training Principles file.

3 sets of 3 reps

5sets of 5 reps

and combinations of 5x3 3x5 are also acceptable depending on many factors. Rest, body feel, nutrition, and mental state determine the volume and intensity of the session.


As far as running goes, a 3mile limit seems acceptable so as to not disrupt, stunt or negate any current or futire strength gains.

Using a moderately intense pace in a Fartlek style running program can maintain a healthy weight and maximixe aerobic conditioning and capacity.

Good substitutes include bicycling, jumping rope, punching the heavy bag and burpees.

We as humans are designed to throw a rock at the rabbit, not chase after it. Long and slow running has absolutely no benefit to the goal of maximizing strength and body composition to mirror that of a hardened warrior. Lean, wiry and ready to perform at a moments notice.

"Fighting and running are the original forms of competition. It's built into everyone to either step up or run. We choose to step up.
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