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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Originally Posted by smokey
Hatton beat Castillo, like I and most serious fans and ****ysts predicted he would. Castillo looked shot in his last two weak wins against mediocre opposition. My main question was if Hatton's lifestyle was catching up to him. Apparently it's not.

However, I'm not going to say that this win over an over an aging veteran who saw his best days at 135, pushing around smaller guys, is a career defining win. I'm sure Hatton wouldn't WANT this to be a career defining fight, because that would mean that he defined his career by beating up smaller, older veterans. Out of respect I should say this win is more than I said it would be before the fight? If Castillo won that fight, I would have been VERY surprised.

I also would like to see Hatton go against a genuine threat in their prime... but at 140 who is there? Witter? Vivian Harris? I don't think he'll EVER fight Witter, and Harris has shown how defeatable he is to anyone who can take him late in the fight numerous times. At 147, there are some seriously big Welters that I don't think Hatton should even be in the ring with. Margo and Cotto are the types of fighters that will put career altering hurt on Hatton. Mayweather will NEVER fight him, because he's a *****.
this is true, who is in there prime at 140?


cos Hatton wont fight at 147 again.
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