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Default Re: MSTR thank god for Cotto

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress
I guess I meant level of skill MSTR... Marg/Williams I think has FOTY potential all over it, even with some of the impressive fights we've seen so far. I meant things that can be measured regardless of how similar any fighters are.

I.e. I dont mean it's a toned down version of fighter a beats c etc etc...

Williams will test Marg and vice verca... who ever wins, especially if it's convincing, has the skill set to make Cotto/Marg & Cotto/Williams alot harder to pick.
Fair enough. I can see very easily though if Marg beats Williams it will be "untested hype job" stuff from the haters. Although not from me, I will personally give him a tonne of credit. Williams can take a punch and is very tricky to fight. His punch out put and reach + southpaw stance would be tough for anyone.

Style wise, If you watch Williams against Maythse he stuggles when he got in on his chest. I don't know if Marg will be able to do this though as he doesn't have good head movement and is so tall also. Marg has had trouble with southpaws in the past (santos particularly) where he has looked decidedly ordinary. I think Williams has the tools to beat him. If Marg can adapt to get the win he will deserve all the credit in the world.

If Williams is to get the victory, Cotto would absolutely annihilate him no doubt in my mind. Cotto is all wrong for Williams. Hatton IMO would also give Williams hell, although Hatton too doesn't excel against southpaws. Basically anyway who has the ability to burrow inside will beat him, but against the right opponents he will be a nightmare. Williams needs to be carefully managed IMO, if he wants to do well in the division.
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