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Default Re: Oscar Offers Ricky 30 Mill

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress
Hatton will be bigger and when he's bigger so far he can't hold the pace he did against Tszyu/JLC etc... He fights more cautious and hugs (can't deny he's making a name for himself ala Ruiz) more. DLH notorious for puffing out later on in a fight will also pace himself.

It will be exciting if both fighters fight at their best and put on the pressure on each other. I'm not so sure either guy will risk it...

That being said, maybe the fights where Hatton was heavier weren't of the same calibre/reputation as Tszyu/JLC so maybe its down to preparation for him... in which case, he'll be certainly well prepared for DLH and then I would be wrong and happily so.

This isn't how i think it will go anyways, just a pessimistic opinion from being disappointed a few times of late.
It woudn't suprise me if it was boring however. Hatton just makes ugly fights unfortunately. Its not enjoyable to watch him hold and hit. He is very tough to beat on the inside though.
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