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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Originally Posted by acb
I think Hatton takes a shlacking here at ESB, at least since the Collazo fight. Calzaghe gets criticism based on who people he percieves to be ducking. Kessler, I dont know, I think he gets a lot more hype than criticism here.
It makes me laugh the amount of people on here tho who seem to know 100% that someone ' ducked ' anotehr fighter, like they personally know thefighter lol

making fights is not always a simple process

hatton beat castillo fair and square, anyone who *****es amount clinching and holding needs to find another sport and realise boxing is not a tickling match.

and hatton was the first person to make castillo take a 10 count

and whatever you say, they aren't many other in the bracket who wouldve have done castillo in 4, certainly not mayweather.
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