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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
El Puma, I have to say what makes me feel great during training for a fight is what a call 'bucket training'.... I invented it, and it may not be for everyone....

It's simple I have a big bucket that is filled to the top with plaster with a lid on top, and hold the handle with both hands holding it just under my chest, and I then run up 28 steps and then come down again and then I do it again another eight or nine times as fast as I can.... then I wait a few minuets and do it again.

It's the hardest strength/cardio indurance training exercise I've ever done! It gets my triceps, wings and shoulders ripped to the max without gaining extra weight! It also gives me an extra spring in my step when I'm running, or just using my legs in general.

It has increased my speed, indurance and power so much.
This seems like an excellent supplement to a running routine. Thank you

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
How many press ups would you say a fighter should be able to do without stopping, while at the same time not gaining any extra weight?
Not quite sure as I am an advocate of endurance training should come by way of sparring and punching the bag.

Extra weight is gained by extra calories and the more push ups you do, the more nutrition your body will need in order to repair itself and recover properly. If you do not want to gain weight, watch your calorie intake/ calorie output. For strength, go low and hard without burning yourself out. For endurance, do the heavy bag, spar and jumprope.
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