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Default Re: Complete beginners guide to a boxing routine

Originally Posted by warrior85 View Post
what are the best exercises for improving stamina?after 3 rounds im ****ed,my stamina has improved over the last few months but id like to improve on it more.

You would be shocked at how much stamina DON'T have to do with boxing certain amounts of rounds. You just have to know how to relax and be confident more than anything. You obviously have to be very very fit to box, but you can be able to run super marathons and and still not be able to go three rounds without feeling exhausted! You need the experience more than anything and then as I said..... you learn how to relax and become confident in yourself. In a way it can work as a self fulfilling prophercy.... if you beleive you can go 3 rounds comfertably, then it will be so.
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