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Default Re: USA v The Rest Of The World

Originally Posted by McGrain
You'd be neirther manager, promoter, nor captain, just trying to pick the best there are form both sides. But feel free to provide examples of stylistic match-ups that favour one side or the other - just be sure to point out what you're doing.

Joe Louis vs Lennox Lewis

Louis should win but it is not a given.

Light Heavyweight-

Ezzard Charles vs Sam Langford

I like Langford but anything could happen.


Harry Greb vs Bob Fitzsimmons

I like Greb but an upset is not out of the question. If I were specificaly looking for a foil for Greb I might pick Marcel Cerdan.


Ray Robinson vs Barbados Joe Walcott

Walcott has a good chance here for stylistic reasons.


Joe Gans vs Roberto Duran

Pick em fight


Henry Armstrong vs Alexis Arguallo

I like Armstrong but an Arguallo win is possible.


Terry McGovern vs George Dixon

This one actually took place and we all know the result. Prime for prime a Dixon win is on the cards.


Fidel La Barba vs Jimmy Wilde.

Wilde should take it.

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