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Default Re: ali v tyson who wins?

Originally Posted by AffectedToaster View Post
a peek tyson i think would beat ali
Me too...

But Tyson was only at his peak before going off the rails after losing his mentor Gus D'amato...His power was awesome and he would not have tolerated Ali's holding the way Frazier and others had to endure because of poor referring.
Ali fought in the Golden Era of H W Boxing and had some fantastic skalps to his name ,and was without the undisputed H W champion after the second Frazier fight,but he was beatable as Joe Frazier,Leon Spinks & Ken Norton demonstated .

There are those who will always believe he was the greates but his excessive holding would not be tolerated now.Foreman dispatched Norton and Frazier with ease while Ali struggled against those two and a rematch against Foreman would not have seen Foreman dumb enough to fall for those "rope a dope" tactics....the look on Ali's face at the end of Round 1 said it all..

Alas this topic has been done to death and I would say Ali is one of the top 6 A T greats of H W boxing,though I lost a lot of respect after his name calling of Joe Frazier after he helped him get his license to fight back.
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