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Default Re: The Little Prince, The Big Fight

Naz's magic 5

1. KO7 Robinson (pretty much flawless display against a good champion)
2. KO2 Enrique Angeles (Awesome punch picking, power and defence)
3. KO5 Freddy Cruz (as above Naz at his finest)
4. KO4 Vuyani Bungu (His best performance after becoming a champion and in my eyes a bit of a fluke as he had already declined significantly)
5. KO2 Juan Polo Perez (just amazing)

Naz peaked and should have stayed at super bantam- the Robinson victory should have been a pit stop at featherweight. People think that the Naz that fought Barrera was the real Naz- it wasn't.... Naseem had become lazy and over reliant on his one shot power.

The Naz that beat the likes of Angeles and Cruz would have given even Barrera fits and I am a massive Barrera fan. He went from an athletic, explosive boxer-puncher to a flat footed pot shotter.

Its a shame we never got to see how good he really was.
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