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Default Re: Witter Witter Witter

That was a superb performance from Junior Witter, he won 6 out of the 7 rounds, completely bossed the fight and produced a great knockout.

Witter showed everything in that performance, excellent speed, great power, agility, reflexes and a quality snapping jab (once it got going). The left hook was lethal, Harris's legs looked dodgy everytime Witter tagged him. Also Witter's chin is very solid, he walked onto a couple of huge right hands yet didn't even blink. This against a guy that has a pretty high knockout ratio.

Remember Harris was a decent opponent and coming off 2 solid wins, I'm not going to accept this rubbish that he was shot/not at his best etc. Hate it when people drag up excuses for the beaten fighter and refuse to give credit to the winner. No, let's give Witter some credit for once and the critics needs to just eat their words and give Witter a pat on the back rather than talking about Harris.
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