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Default Briggs challenges Solo!

Nathan Briggs challenges Haumono - Let's get it on

[IMG]http://*********[/IMG]By Nathan Briggs, leading heavyweight contender

I know Johnny Lewis is just creating publicity but his article has annoyed me, I view all the boxing sites to see what is happening in Australian Boxing but must step up and defend mysrelf when my name is mentioned.
For the record I was lined up with Solomon Haumono in 2001 when we were both up and coming fighters in the Australian Heavyweight scene.
I trained very hard for this fight and when I was flown down to the press conference for this fight on a Kieren O'Connor / Jeff Fenech card I was informed that Solo had gone walkabout and no-one had heard from him.
I then fought Simon Paterson and won and Solo retired.
Now he has returned and has been making waves in his own lunchbox but people don't realise that my promoters have challenged him three times and been knocked back by Khoder Nasser, his manager.
Most people will think I have no chance against Solo but I have never backed away from a fight.
I won the Australian title after four fights and gave Bob Mirovic the first shot at it because I believed he was the best fighter in the division.
I lost this fight but at the time believed he deserved the shot because he was the best fighter out there. This is what a true fighter who wants to be the best does.
I have been working very hard with my trainer to be the best Heavyweight in this country and after beating very limited opposition in my last five fights have been given an opportunity to fight for the OPBF Title.
If and when I win this title I would like to give Solo the first shot at it before the year is out because I believe it would be a great fight for Australian Boxing.
At the end of the day I don't care about my record I care about proving I am the best out there. Solo, forget about the papers. Let's finish what we started in 2001.
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