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Default Re: Witter knocks Hatton out

Originally Posted by you OUT...SUCKA
i'd rather watch Hatton-Mayweather, Jeff. Styles and all that. I just don't agree with this belief that Hatton is super-exciting and Witter a boring runner.
honestly, why do you think Hatton-Witter has never happened? I see Hatton's bore forward stlye playing right into the hands of the thudding counter-punching of Witter. The style match-up is interesting as a solid case for it being in Hatton's favour can be made also, I agree.
I pick Witter by KO though.
I think the fight has never taken place purely because Witter IS dangerous and he ISN'T well known- should Hatton lose to Mayweather then really there is no reason why the match shouldn't take place. Witter is better known these days and though I think he is def world class I think Hatton would swarm him. I don't think FW was ever keen for the match he could have easily matched Witter with Magee a few years ago and instantly a impressive Witter victory would have sold the fight to the public and on the other hand a Magee win gets him out of the picture. I like Witter and Hatton and I hope they get it on!!
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