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Originally Posted by Johnboy2007
Hi all im joining a gym hopefully the end of this month and was talking to a mate of mine and he joined a club which has got a really good rep round here (ellesmere port north west uk) and he said it was full of idiots and people who thought there really hard and just basically **** heads. So hes now left there and goes to a private gym with a trainer that tbh sounds really micky mouse and silly ( the trainer has 18 black belts and apparantly does all their classes) which to me sounds daft. Anyways i was just wondering does that rough atmosphere spur you on to train harder or like my mate would you rather go private and stay outta their way. Im a bit in the middle really i think im gunna join a gym with a similar attitude (rough) but its not near me so i wont know these guys where as my local is full of knob head i went to skool with and dont really want to have to deal with them again. Discuss!
Those guys were inspired by a movie called "the karate kid" .......
just be carefull over there .....
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