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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Originally Posted by Arran
Floyd uses excessive running, he would be better off on the track, why dont you blaze the guy for it? Fact is, a British fighter has to do more than an American/Mexican/P-Rican fighter to get the same props from the US media.
Not at all, Hatton is more loved by the US Media than Floyd, and noone more loved than Oscar...

And Defensive fighting, avoiding blows, stick and move, THATS ****ING BOXING, grappling, wrestling, throwing oponants and headbutting, THATS NOT.

Do you **** on Ruiz at all? He's an American fighter who get's "blazed" by just about everyone for his clinching, yet in his last 4 fights he's initiated almost no grabs, whereas Hatton hasn't thrown a shot without a clinch.
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