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Default Nick Diaz Interview on Beatdown...

Seriously, for the love of God, as soon as the podcast is up you have to listen to it. I have never laughed so hard in my laugh. I was seriously in tears. Diaz was so faded. Some quotes:

"This is the year of smoking pot...what the **** year is it...I train and smoke to much pot and don't pay attention to that bull****."

"People think im a joke and I'll kick your ****ing ass"

"As long as I live i will continue to whoop ass for the good of Man Kind"

"They shove meth amphetamines right down your children's throats"

"My Gym is pretty clean... we all smoke pot... we don't do drugs"

"What the ****? Where's my fruit? I want my real fruit!"

"People won't smoke ****ty weed but will eat ****ty food"

"They're feeding it to your kids, feeding Red-40 to your children, giving them a chemical imbalance. You gave them too much ****ing red Kool-Aid with red-40 in it and they're bouncing off the ****ing walls"

"healthy food and healthy weed are good things and if you don't agree...**** YOU!"

"I just want a little shack that I can shoot rabbits out the front door with shotgun."

"If you aren't hanging out in your back yard fighting and smoking pot, you might not be a mixed martial artist. And if you are a mixed martial artist and you aren't doing that you're probably a big ****ing *****."

"I live in my parents house and smoke pot. I don't give a ****."

I was seriously in tears at work trying not to burst out in hysterical laughter.
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