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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by sarah ross
Do you honestly think the 43 guys who fought Hatton don't know to keep him

away from them. Hatton is an absolute beast at 140, he just walks through

all of his opponents and destroys them. Elite fighters at 147 are much bigger

and present more problems because Ricky is only 5' 6" with a 20" arm length.

Pretty Boy is another story though, he basically a 140 lb fighter who Hatton

can walk through and use his custom attack on. Floyd knows he will have to

go to war with Hatton, that is why they will never fight. Mayweather had

big problems with the physical Castillio, Hatton is like Castillio on pcp.
I heard David Haye say these exact same things in a radio interview today. Saying Mayweather should basically stay well away from Hatton because Hatton (if anyone) has the style to give him nightmares and possibly beat him
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