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Default Re: Macriano Vs Dempsey

Originally Posted by Vanboxingfan
Dempsey has also KO'd more fighters in the first round than any fighter in history and his win over Willard was so brutal that it had some wondering whether or not his gloves were loaded, and Dempsey was certainly faster than Marciano.
That's all true but The Rock was never knocked out bro... Nobody even came close... And lets not try to compare Willard with the Rock my man... You lose all credibilty on that one. Don't forget how many times Dempsey was knocked down in his career as well. He was a savage for sure but the Rock puts him away late... And speaking of KO's, the Rock has the highest percentage of KO's in Heavyweight history with an 87% KO ratio... Tough to beat a guy who you can't KO, and who can KO you...
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