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Default Re: Macriano Vs Dempsey

Originally Posted by Maxmomer
If Dempsey was unable to KO or TKO Rocky he could easily change his tactics and box his way to a decision if he had to. Both fighters were durable, Marciano slightly more so, but Dempsey was tough enough to last if it did wind up going the distance. Dempsey also had great stamina and was more than capable of going 15 good rounds in his prime, as he did so against Tommy Gibbons after a two year lay off when he was past it. And, while Rocky had a better right cross, Dempsey's left hook was superiors to Marciano's. Anyway, I honestly don't think this fight would go past the mid rounds.
Yeah man it would have been one of the best fights ever!!! I too think Jack could've gone the distance, but I think he'd of been slowed tremendiously by the Rock's power shots for 14-15 rounds...
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