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Default Re: Macriano Vs Dempsey

I am a fan of both Dempsey and Marciano. Heres my take -
Jack fought GREAT against BIG heavyweights. When he faced
smaller heavyweights (in weight, not necassarily in their height)
Jack sometimes struggled. Gunboat Smith gave Jack a tough
fight and so did Tommy Gibbons, who was really a lightheavyweight.
Also, Willie Meehan was a real pain to Dempsey as well.

I think that Marciano would fight out of that funny type of crouch
and slowly get to Jack. Dempsey would have his moments as well,
but I think that Marciano would take the fight inside and slowly
wear down Jack.

Styles make fights. I think that Dempsey was actually the more
naturally talented fighter and Dempsey would have handled the
modern day BIG heavyweights with much more ease than Rocky.

Rocky would have had more of a difficult time with the modern
heavyweights because Rocky did not possess Dempsey's speed
and footwork. Also, Rocky's short reach would really handicap
him against these 6' 6" fighters.
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