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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
Oh shut up with your whining. Mitchell was the consensus number 1. Don't try and change history with your hindsight bull****.

Tszyu himself said that Tszyu beats a younger Tszyu.

Tszyu never gassed, he quit. Plus he was facing arguably the fittest fighter in the game. Did he gas when he lost the early rounds!

It isn't a fact because Tszyu showed great stamina. He has NEVER shown that sort of stamina. Don't act like Tszyus ever been a stamina freak.

Mayweathers the best boxer in the world. What moron isn't going to agree he'll give Hatton fits. However that argument can be countered based on what DLH and Castillo achieved against him. Both Floyd and Hatton will want to fight their fight. Who knows who will be able to do it more. Neither of us do. We do KNOW that Hatton beat a great 135 and 140 pounder.

The consensus on ESB is that Castillo is a top 30 lightweight and Tszyu a top 10 light welterweight. That speaks for itself. Come out with all your excuses but that's the truth.

You all make out like Hatton is God. How come Hatton KNOWS that Castillo and Tszyu are old shot and there for the taking when 99% of ESB didn't know Tszyu was pre fight and 50% didn't know Castillo wasn't pre fight? He must be a prophet.

This is the sort of moronic **** people say about Leonard. He knew Benitez, Duran II, Hearns and Hagler were there for the taking. Sort it out and give a fighter his dues.
Who's whining you muppet??
All I was saying that people were going waaayyy overboard about Hatton. Castillo an excellent fighter a few years ago, but was chosen for his style and his name, thats fact, AND obvious!!

Then, Tszyu was chosen as he was not the force he had been, he'd been inactive, injured, and even then, during the middle rounds, he was excellent, and picked Hatton off at will, as I believe Mayweather would do, hence my reference to Mayweather.

99% of ESB didnt know something, is that the best you can offer??

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