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Default Re: Benitez vs Meldrick Taylor @ 140

This is a rather tasty match-up. Taylor's speed is quite remarkable. He might well be the quickest LWW that ever laced' em up. Benitez's hands were fast as well, just not quite in the same league as Taylor's. And speed will be crucial throughout this fight. Benitez's sharp reflexes and foot movement would be put to the test like never before. Taylor isn't just a boxer with a quick jab and straight right hand. He's got those "shoe shine" flurries inside. Triggering off not just 3's and 4's, but 5's and 6's. Benitez's swift counters might not find the mark often for him to take rounds to win a decision. If Taylor comes into this fight with an "in and out" type of gameplan, then Benitez might not land his counters. Taylor's feet were quick as well, not just his hands. Benitez is the far more controlled fighter, and probably possesses the better precision and accuracy. But with Taylor's volume, speed, and more offense in reserve, he'll squeeze out the decision.
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