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Default Re: Benitez vs Meldrick Taylor @ 140

Taylor's hand speed was impressive, but his defense wasn't. I feel the shoeshine flurries wern't coupled with enough attention to "getting the hell out of there", witness his fight with Chavez. Benitez, as has been mentioned already, wasn't exactly slow fisted himself, and made things competitive and tough for another quick-fisted guy, who had a lot more pop on his punches than Taylor, and that was Leonard. Wilfred's amazing radar would be working sufficiently against Taylor, and his counters would find his man as well. He would make Taylor miss sufficiently to counter off of him. It would be a close fight but I think Benitez takes it on points, narrowly, over 15. That's another factor in itself..Benitez had gone 15, and Taylor didn't, how effective would his hand speed be over the long haul of a 15 round fight?
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