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Default Re: Why do so many American fighters claim foul play

Originally Posted by lefthook31
While I agree, the promoters and managers of fighters over here are complete *****s, the fans overseas have to be some of the most ignorant boxing fans Ive ever seen. Thats why guys like Frank ****** can sell out fights like Calzahge Mcentire, Tyson Francis, and the fans think its a credible fight.
But here's the thing- the overseas method gets results with limited talent. There is no way a nation the size of the UK should have so many world class boxers; the reason why is because prospects like David Haye, Junior Witter and Alex Arthur weren't dumped the first time they lost.

Originally Posted by lefthook31
The fans over here are much more knowledgeable about whats a real fight and whats simply an exhibition type fight.
How many fans in the US bought Mayweather-Baldomir?
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