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Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
It depends.

How do you naturally hold your hands? Are you long and hold them like Marquez, Morales etc That is the conventional text book way to hold your hands. Are you a little shorter and prefer to tuck up ala Cotto, Patterson etc

If you hold your hands like Maruqez then when the barrage of punches are coming you pull both hands in close.

If you hold your hands like Cotto then your hands are already in close.

As I mentioned in the last post you need to gauge the intensity, velocity etc

You want to stay relaxed when picking off the shots. You'll want to gauge the shots and then change up how you brace yourself for the shots. How much you tense up and how loose you can be. No point tensing up like Tyson is hitting me when I got Byrd hitting me!

You'll notice many boxers have a feeling out round. Think Hopkins and Mayweather. What they are doing is gauging what their opponent has and what they can do. This includes their speed, strength, range, timing etc It also includes their power.

Once you've felt that you can dictate how much you need to brace yourself for shots. If the punches are going through you then you need to switch it up. Not just block but also use other lines of defence like head and foot movement. Very few fighters should be able to punch through you though.

This also comes back to talent. Take Wright for example. He is extremely strong. He has a good defence but he gets away with keeping it simple because he is so strong. Even when a big middleweight like Taylor was bombing away he couldn't break through it. If Wright wasn't that strong and sturdy he wouldn't be able to absorb those sort of shots.

I don't know what your talent is. You may be young and still growing so by the time you are a fully fledged man you may be able to absorb shots no problem.

What I advise is work on your blocking like you clearly are but also work head and foot movement.
That makes sense. I've only been boxing for 5 or 6 months and the trainers I've worked with haven't spent very much time on defense... although we've worked on it more lately and i'm trying to make sure I'm keeping my head moving and working on slipping and weaving everytime i'm hitting bags or anything now.

I'm reasonably strong and well conditioned, but i keep feeling like i must be doing something wrong... maybe its something about bracing myself... I probably just need to get more experience and develop a better feel and like you said work on head movement and footwork so i'm not as easy a target in the first place.

Thanks again for the advice
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