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Default Re: Why do so many American fighters claim foul play

Originally Posted by The Kurgan
That's perhaps what boxing SHOULD be about, but isn't.

But the American public put forth PPV money to watch Mayweather's certain victory. The British public didnt pay anything to watch Calzaghe-McIntyre, and the seats were probably dirt cheap as well.
My point is Baldomir proved to be a worthy challenger unlike "Kid Fire, Mcentire" Baldomir beat Judah who was supposed to fight Mayweather next, than destroyed Gatti, all the while having the WBC title he lifted from Judah. Kid McEntire came off the dairy farm and was flown into Denmark as the sacrificial lamb.
As for Mayweather his fight with Baldomir did horribly, because even though he is considered the worlds best, it takes an opponent like Oscar or Gatti to really get the fans to shell out money for a PPV or even to go to the fight, whereas Hatton could fight a shot fighter in Ben Tackie, and the fans would overstuff the MEN.
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