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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Originally Posted by Boro chris
Your first ever post and its in furious response to somone who ****ed you off.
Welcome to life at ESB! Now try the Lounge forum.
Hehe. Thankyou for your welcome.

I apologise if my post came across as me being furious, that wasn't the intention I just think it is completely unfair to label these great British Hatton followers as hooligans. I understand that American has never seen any real kind of sports hooliganism before, so I will give the poster the benefit of the doubt but hooliganism is really not happy and friendly but load and rawcus support! Hooliganism is vicious and terrifying mass violence, all out fighting between 2 groups of support, large scale street fighting where people absolutely get the ****e kicked out of them, stabbed or slashed, bricked, etc etc, occasionally killed. To compare Hattons support with those low life scum is unfair and disrespectful...

But talking about disrespect, I did not mean to be disrespectful to the poster I quoted, I apologise that my post came across with such vitriol. I was annoyed by the post but I should understand the posters ignorance.

Hattons support, great as it was, was typical. It is the British culture and it was undertaken in a polite, respectful way. Atmosphere is all in sport and when you see a football game in Britain, Italy, Argentina, etc etc you can see just how important that support is and just how beautiful and almost physical the atmosphere feels.

Thanks again for the (possibly somewhat sarcastic or facetious) welcome

P.s. I should maybe leave this for another thread but seeing as I am posting I will add it here. I am from Hyde, the same town as Rick (infact he lives just down my road). Hyde is quite a poor town with a lot of crime (Most Americans think Britain is a happy, bouncy, Mary Poppins esque fairy tale country, with no crime only polite, ***uelly repressed people squeeking out upper class accents but that could not be further from the truth. Britain has the highest crime rates in the developed world - which the American media and news programs took great pride in detailing when the crime stats were released -, much higher than America in everything from violent crime to burglary. American does have worse murder and **** rates though) and drugs but Ricky remains here, in the town he has grown up in, with his friends and family. He really is as down to earth as a person could possibly get. I know him reasonably well and I can tell you with complete honesty he is a really lovely guy! A friendlier person you would struggle to find. He hasn't changed one bit since he first started boxing. If you could know about James, the little lad he has looked after since he met him, throughout his illness (which was terminal), after his mother died... I dunno, he is just a very very special person and we should all (Britain, America and elsewhere) feel very proud and glad we have him!

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