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Default Re: Macriano Vs Dempsey

Originally Posted by Maxmomer
Willie Meehan slapped and ran for all of their four round fights.
Not according to the reports of the 1918 fight in San Francisco written in the San Francisco papers. Meehan was a swarmer. His style was to come right at Dempsey and throw a lot of punches. Miske also went to a ten round draw in 1918 by getting inside Dempsey.

Here's the AP report on the Dempsey-Miske 10 round fight from 1918:

"Jack Dempsey and Billy Miske boxed a ten-round draw tonight. Neither man gained a commanding lead and a poor draw was the general verdict. Miske outboxed Dempsey most of the fight, with the exception of the seventh round, when Dempsey, sinking a hard left into Miske's stomach and putting a right to the jaw, evened up the battle. Up to that time, Miske had claimed three rounds, Dempsey two, with one even.
Miske held his own the rest of the way.
Miske managed to get inside most of Dempsey's blows.
Dempsey scored in the second, third, and seventh rounds and his Chicago supporters were inclined to give him a shade for his work.
The writers who gave Miske a shade based their verdicts on the fact that he made Dempsey miss many blows.
Neither fighter got up a good sweat. A draw seemed the only reasonable decision."

Nor did everyone who saw him live judge Dempsey the worldbeater you make him out. Here is James Dawson of the New York Times on Dempsey after the Tunney fight in 1926:

"In defeat, Dempsey was revealed as an overrated fighter, a man who was good, but never great. It sounds uncharitable in view of his courageous stand to say he had nothing save heart, but that verdict must be uttered.
. . . Dempsey won the title from a cumbersome hulk in Willard, he beat a broken man in Miske, and a comparative middleweight in Carpentier; he couldn't do a thing with a brainy fighter like Gibbons; he battered an unschooled floundering giant in Firpo, and fell when he faced his first real competition from a man who was determined and unafraid and who could fight as well as box."
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