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Default Re: Boxing is now so far behind the UFC its sad

Originally Posted by Mr. Wood****
Why is it that some diehard boxing fans cry everytime UFC/MMA is mentioned and compared to boxing, yet you dont see UFC/MMA fans crying everytime boxing is mentioned. Its as if some of these diehard boxing fans are somewhat insecure about thier sport.
Boxing fans are TIRED of MMA promoting itself simply by the antagonistic nature of MMA taking over/better than boxing.

Why is it MMA fans continually find there ways to boxing forums to discuss this BULL****?? Let me know when you see my tag in an MMA forum

I dont hate or object to MMA, I hate and object to the bull**** rationale used in the promotion of such Talk about the merits of the sport!! Why not promote MMA over the fake ass WWE which at least has 'ground game"???

MMA's promoters and powers that be, think its success, but the more they do it?? The greater the backlash that will occur between fans of both sports, WHEN FANS OF BOTH SPORTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO ENJOY BOTH, if they so choose.
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