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Default Re: Sylvester KOs Asikainen

i thought sylvester was still average and that askainen was the ring general.

was not expecting askainen to fall apart from an innocuos shot from a non puncher and even worse have no recuperation powers at all.

once askainen was hurt his legs/equilibrium turned to jelly and he was complely out of it.

sylvester was hurt every time when tagged clean and abraham will brutalise him and win by ko , while sturm also will ko sylvester if he does ever throw a right behind his jab.

as you might guess not impressed with sylvester at world class level , but at european level he did well enough and restored some confidence in himself.

but he is to chinny to go in v top fighters.

askainen falling apart so quickly was a shock as all fight it looked like he could have walked through sylvester`s shots.

temple shots do funny things to so many fighters.
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