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Default Re: kessler - showing his guts

Originally Posted by Blocky
**** you're an idiot.

Manfredo got to 10th on the back of some good performances, including beating a perrenial fighter in Pemberton who yes, was past his best but still represented as good a win for Manfredo as anyone Andrade, Bute (until he fought Bika) and Berrio had faced.

Manfredo dropped out of the Top 10 because he was beaten clearly.

The same reason that despite Mundine having three losses in his career, despite him never holding and defending a title and despite him never defeating anyone of any real note - he went to #3 almost immediately after Lacy lost to Calzaghe

Why? Cause Calzaghe thrashed Lacy all about the ring and dropped him two to four places.
Please remind me how many world titles Pemberton won during his glorious career?

You are so deluded, you praise Pemberton because it suits your purpose and call a guy like Lucas a "never-was"!

Let me see if I have understood you correctly, a win over Pemberton is a fantastic thing, but wins over Siaca, Mundine, Beyer and Andrade are nothing special, because all these guys were either shot, never-were's or never will be's. Well, I guess that is what I should expect from a guy who thinks Manfredo will be a future SMW worldchampion.
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