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Default Re: kessler - showing his guts

Originally Posted by Blocky
Lucas is a **** fighter for Kessler, a two belt champion - to be promoting as a tough fighter in his reign.

However, Kessler is #2 - Manfredo was #10 - as such, beating a guy like Pemberton who had just been in a title fight, the fight before against Jeff Lacy - gives him a good performance, considering Manfredo had only had around 25 fights when he beat Pemberton - a class of fighter that Kessler didn't even go near until 34-36 fights, that should tell you something, bucko

But it doesn't matter, come November 3rd - it doesn't matter, Calzaghe is going to stomp the ****ing **** out of Kessler and then all of you idiotic little chuckle****s can go back to the woods where you belong.
Well, I'm going nowhere whether or not Calzaghe wins, because unlike you I will not be running away with my tail behind my legs, which is what I expect you will do if Kessler wins. I will instead be one of the first to congratulate the winner, no matter who, as long as the win is fair.

Well, now the insults are out of the way, I just want to mention that Kessler was not a two belt holder when he faced Lucas, if that was what you meant.

Finally, I can definately see Calzaghe winning this fight (not as easily as you though ), but he will not stomp anything out of Kessler I can promise you that. If Calzaghe wins, it will be on points, and the points win will be smaller than it was against Lacy. Personally, I still see this fight as an almost 50-50 fight.
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