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Default Re: kessler - showing his guts

Originally Posted by dragosuhail
well i win and lose either way as i stated many times i am equally fans of both since i come from Oz.

but one thing i will enjoy is seeing how the hardcore calzaghe fans react if he loses. i've come to the realization that while both camps are getting more heated in their arguments, some of the calzaghe followers like blocky are getting very vicious in defending their fighter. i dont see the same kind of venom as much from the kessler side. not sure why.

maybe it's the fact kessler hasn't been around as long as calzaghe or accomplished as much yet. therefore he hasn't built up as big a fanbase which in turn always includes more hardcore fans etc.

reading the forums after the fight will be entertainment as well!
im an aussie too mate and think both fighters fans are a little rabid.kessler fans have said they hope blocky gets cancerthats pretty venomous if you ask me.
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